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WAVE Therapy Mobile Solutions with Say No To ED


As you may know, WAVE Therapy involves delivering a series of low energy wave pulses to the penis to improve blood flow. Your patients experience treatments that are painless, performed in your office without the need for medication or surgery. The waves stimulate growth factors to create new blood vessels (“neovascularization”), rejuvenate erectile tissue and the process is over in a mere matter of minutes. The result is improved blood flow to the penis to create stronger and more sustainable erections.


Now you can provide this breakthrough therapy to your patients!


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We provide COMPLETE tools, service and support to bring WAVE Therapy to your practice.


• Say No to E.D. marketing includes customized pamphlets for your waiting area. Your practice is highlighted on our website along with a direct booking feature connected to your practice.
• Assessment of the severity of each patient’s ED using an IIEF score
Treatment protocols using clinically backed data, with energy settings, treatment sites and duration individualized for each patient
• A trained technician and all necessary equipment including the Duolith SD1 Ultra to your office
• Ongoing patient response assessment during the treatment course
Flexible scheduling

We provide a turn-key solution to providers who desire to be at the forefront of treatment for men’s health and erectile dysfunction.


Say No To ED WAVE Therapy provides a trained technician, all necessary equipment to your office and an easy-to-use booking portal to schedule appointments. Our trained technicians assess each patient using a the IIEF score and design an individualized treatment protocol based on each patient’s needs. The healthcare providers leading our company have years of experience and expertise in physician based office revenue services.


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